Monday, 3 June 2013

The animated return...

Sorry about the lack of posts lately. My hands have been kept busy releasing the first episode, Office Smoffice, from the series Episode Wepisode. The idea behind the short web series is to have work related humor with an emphasis on "not caring", hence the naming convention.

The first episode focuses around a typical office worker, punching the numbers and calculating the dividends within solitaire. Hard at work, he becomes distracted by hallucinogenic apparitions which appear when he interacts with his coffee. Is he chronically bored or is it LSD? Find out next time...maybe, though more likely not :)

You can view the episode here:

Episode Wepisode 1: Office Smoffice

I previously posted some concept art regarding this animated short and I'll try to do the same for the next.

So, now that I'm back from Cannes, I can properly focus on the animations coming up.
Next on the list: Ginja Ninja - Full episode

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