Saturday, 28 September 2013

That Painter Film: Finally online

Barbouillageville: That Painter Film from Declan Byrne and Connor Johnston on Vimeo.

So it looks as if Barbouillageville is FINALLY  online. After almost a year of touring the globe's film and animation festivals, including Cannes, Bristol, and Melbourne, it's internet debut has arrived. Already featured on, the release is off to an overwhelming start. It's also available on Vimeo and YouTube in HD so, if your keen, go check them out.

In other news, Wok is still continuing on the second Episode Wepisode is almost out of production and will be released soon :) Here's a screenshot for you.

Keep your eyes peeled on Newgrounds, YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook for more info on the release :)

Later dudes :O

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