Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Hey there internets,

I've been so busy lately that I didn't even have time to facebook...

Recently, the main project I've been working on at work was fast approaching a critical deadline and I was still awaiting content from the client. With only a week to spare and over 4 minutes of motion graphics and "flash" animation to do, stress set in. After a few long days and nauseating hand pain (my index finger does not like left clicking), the project was finished, and the client loved it too. We managed to finish it off a day before the deadline, so the client could give us some small suggested changes, like correcting the spelling error that they provided in their head of departments name.
Feels great to have completed my first, big, solo project though. WOOT!!

In other news, work on my short film has been progressing at an alarming rate. We've finally finalised a fine schedule and finessed it to a fabulous degree. However, we've still got a ways to go and the schedule does not leave much room to move if we are to get it done in time.  There be no time to waste me hearties (oh, by the way, there's a pirate ship in the film. Hence the speak).

In further, other news, I've recently been asked to design a business card with the works of Jon Contino (love that guy) in mind. I saw the project through freelancer and lunged at the opportunity. It should be interesting to see where it goes as I've never seen a business card in that kind of style. Anyhoo, you should check out Jon's work as it is awesome.

BUT I DIGRESS! The main point of this small, but concise (lol, as if) babble is to inform you that I was TOO BUSY and that I forgot about the weekly drawing challenge. UGH MER GERD!! Not that I don't have stuff to upload, I just forgot about internet-ising them...which was silly.

So keep yer eyes peeled, ye rapscallions, as I shall be uploading like a mad squid, I will, and ye eyes will be the happier fer it.

I will be catchin' ye later ye sea dawgs.

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