Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Back from the dead...again

So I'm back...again. At least I have good reason this time. For starters, I've been working on refining my drawings, namely the way I do shading, so that it's a little bit more hand drawn-ish. I've been testing out new techniques with the drawing below :D

After some serious dungeon crawling, this little adventurer has found some sweet's a lute
So yeah, I managed to finish this drawing up over 3 days, which is fine, but now I really want to concentrate on refining my technique so that I can get it done in an hour or so.

Secondly, I've volunteered to do some pro bono work for some local musicians. One of them is an MC named Losty. He's got some pretty sweet stuff and I highly recommend checking out his works. My housemate actually pointed me in his direction (yay for contacts) and I'm helping him out to beef up my portfolio and also to gain some exposure.

If it's ok with him, I might end up posting some of the work I do on here, otherwise you'll just have to see in application :)

And Finally, I'm back at uni, starting my first semester of Honours at the Queensland College of Art, Brisbane. This being so, I really hope to upload a lot of the stuff I do this year on this blog, so keep yourselves posted.

Well, I apologise for the text WALL and hope you guys will stay tuned for more works.

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