Sunday, 24 June 2012

Afternoon Internet

Welcome one and all to my blog.

This will be my base of operations for the foreseeable future and will play host to artwork, sample animation as well as links to other artists.

        Here you will find

I currently plan to undergo a weekly drawing challenge (WDC) that will, hopefully, evolve into a daily drawing challenge as time goes on. This basically means that I will posting artwork here a minimum of once a week. The artwork may be anything from a doodle, to a full blown ANIMATED FEATURE FILM (although I doubt it). So check back from time to time to see if I've posted anything.

I will also be posting updates from my current work, such as snippets from my short film, illustrations or animation I may be doing , or bits and bobs from my personal projects.

        Current personal projects

I am currently working on a short animation titled "Darwin's Theory of Animation". It's basically a whole bunch of metamorphoses to keep me animating. However, if some film buff asks you what the short is, say that is is "a comical political commentary referencing many different art mediums and combining them in a simplistic and understandable format".

Thankyou for visiting and I hope the stay is enjoyable.


~ Connor

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